Comine Info (Decentralized Mining Service)

Comine Info (Binance Smart Chain : 0xd3db385Ad00ca23645E2046E950af64920aDBC59)

Comine is a POS type coin.
Maximum Supply: 500 000 000 Comine

Total Comine Coins: 2020 = 100 000 000 Comine. That will be made available to the public.
Total Comine Coins: 2022 = 100 000 000 Comine.
Total Comine Coins: 2024 = 100 000 000 Comine.
Total Comine Coins: 2026 = 100 000 000 Comine.
Total Comine Coins to Comine Holders distributed between 2020 and 2028 based on Comine Mining Profit Operations = 100 000 000 Comine.

How to add Comine to metamask on the Binance Smart Chain?

Inside metamask under the assets tab, click on the add token button
Under the custom token tab in the token contract address paste the following:


Click the next button.

Make sure the Binance Network is selected on Metamask.

During 2020 the building of the Chrome beneficiation plant will be commenced and new Comine will be released to raise part of the capital required. The plant should be completed by 2022. Thereafter new Comines will be released based on the amount of Chrome concentrate being produced and sold.

The chrome feedstock comes from small miners and stockpiles to which the local Communities in the North West Province of South Africa, have usage rights, but lack the capital to benefit from this. The area is very rural and there is high unemployment and poverty. Apart from providing employment opportunities, Comine pays a royalty to the Community.

Comine is owned by everyone holding the Comine platform token.

Each Comine coin is backed up by a real Chrome beneficiation operation.

Expected life of beneficiation project: 20 years

Expected Chrome Processed: 11,28 million metric tons.

Expected Chrome Concentrate Produced and Sold: 3,02 million metric tons.

Introduce your friends to Comine and help getting more people to buy real Chrome via Comine.

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